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Phoenix Landing helps parrots to find new homes and families. In addition, we try to assist everyone who shares their life with a parrot through seminars, materials and outreach programs. Your support of time, services or fund will directly benefit all the parrots in our care, and those who participate in our educational events.

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Our first Adoption and Education Center in the Asheville, NC area!! We welcome new toys, nuts, food items for our daily mash and organic fruits. See our monthly newsletter wish list for special wish list items. Would you like to help clean cages or garden?

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$10 a month for a year, $120 total

$25 a month for a year, $300 total

$50 a month for a year,
$600 total
  • Cash donations, of course!
  • Buy your bird toys and supplies thru us at one of our events or at HELPINGPARROTS.COM. We give good value so you can spend more money on your parrot, and your support also helps care for the parrots of Phoenix Landing;
  • Auction items. E-mail us at phoenixlanding@earthlink.net if you have items to donate or bring items to our on-going events;
  • Sponsor the airfare of one of our visiting event speakers (frequent flyer or direct purchase);
  • For the birds at The Landing: unused toys, Harrison's or TOPS pellets, grocery store gift cards, and perches;
  • Storage space or transport for donated cages, transport of birds to their new homes or the vet;
  • Special artistic works (paintings, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, etc);
  • Printing support for class materials, banners, brochures, business cards, signs;
  • Full spectrum light bulbs and fixtures, especially OTT lights or Happy Lights from gaiam.com;
  • Cages, cleaned and in good condition;
Shop at our on-line store, helpingparrots.com. All proceeds go right back into the expenses of our substantial adoption and education programs to HELP PARROTS!

Do your Amazon shopping thru us by using this link for the Amazon Affiliate Program! For all your purchases, Phoenix Landing will receive a percentage at no additional cost to you. Click on the Amazon link to the left to get started.

Make a donation or pledge to our Endowment for Sustainability. This endowment will help us to help parrots for decades to come. Many parrots will live much longer than we will, and we want Phoenix Landing to make sure to be there for every parrot in need in the future. For more information, go to:

Buy a care package of kamut and quiona for the parrots at The Landing adoption center ($41.70): http://nuts.com/gifts/nutsforbirds/phoenix-landing.html
Hope For Feathers
Our friends at AvianEnrichment.com have developed a very creative e-card service which will also provide much appreciated support for welfare organizations like Phoenix Landing. For more information about this exciting new service, go to www.hopeforfeathers.com


We welcome collaboration with other artists as well.
E-mail us at phoenixlanding@earthlink.net for more information